Our mission, Why

MIND Publishers publishes books on psychology, on the mind and on the soul, that are understandable and accessible to anyone.

A greater understanding of how the human mind works began in the 1980s. Psychology, anthropology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence researches, linguistics, and cognitive sciences used to be philosophical, but over time, as the world became more complex, they became separate sciences. Today, philosophy does not add to these, but synthesizes research findings and knowledge. Philosophy is a way to better understand how the human mind and man work, operate. These sciences are about the same subject, but individual scientists no longer have time to learn all detailed. More emerge from the synthesis than just discussing these doctrines side by side.

This synthesis is the primary reason we know much more about the human mind than ever before.
We believe that our publications can contribute to the dissemination of this knowledge and to the social well-being that results from the physical and mental health and unity of individuals.

About the founder

What’s good for us on the morning of life is not good for us on the afternoon of life,” Jung said.  
MIND Publishing is my afternoon. MIND Publishing is all I have been preparing for unconsciously in my career so far. 

I have been a company manager for more than thirty years and have been working as a personality development coach and Gestalt consultant for over 10 years. In both of my professions, I consider the importance of supporting the process of individual change, before losses and pain provide experiential knowledge.

It was in this way that I arose the need to make available literature and developmental books that would facilitate the individual well-being of readers.
Books surrounded me in my childhood in the seventies. Christmas brought a literal column of books, beside the regular” gifts. As soon as I could read fluently, my most common response to my parents was right away,” I had such a hard time stopping reading. I just loved being with myself, but most of all with my books. Just staying alone with my thoughts. Thoughts like steads, vivid little horses flew my desires and put me down gently on a ground where my thoughts could be born. I feel like I’ve arrived to that ground and my goal is to support the reader to get to where they are worth to be.

MIND publications provide a way to deal with everyday blockades.

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